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Mesh fencing for land fencing

21.04.2024 22:36

Choosing the right type of fence is key to ensuring the safety, privacy and aesthetic appearance of your home or property. In this article, we'll take a look at the different materials and types of fences available, each with its specific strengths and limitations. Weather resistance, aesthetic variability, and price are the main factors that interested parties should consider. We'll provide an overview of eight popular fence types, including their advantages and disadvantages, so you can make an informed decision when choosing the ideal fencing for your needs.

How to keep sheep and goats

16.04.2024 14:00

Sheep and goat farming is a traditional and important agricultural sector, providing not only food but also other products such as wool, milk and meat. If you are looking to start sheep and goat farming, or are already interested in this area and are looking for useful information, we have some tips and advice for you.

Fencing of industrial premises

15.04.2024 16:31

Industrial fencing: safety and aesthetics in harmony

Fencing of industrial sites is a key element for security, asset protection and access control. At the same time, fencing can affect the aesthetic impression and perception of the surrounding environment. It is therefore important to find a balanced approach that provides security and maintains aesthetics.

Forestry fencing againts wild animals

21.12.2021 14:54

We produce czech forestry fencing not only as fence protection round trees, but we produce for you big quantities of various models of fences for forests and fencing for farms. Forestry fencing for Rabitts and next specific model of forest fence for wild boars are produced from quality zinc wire.

Everything for new forestry fence in our e-shop

19.09.2013 13:13

Do the forestry animals cause you damages on the new-planted trees? Look at our accortment and choose everything for forestry fence building.

Get a new gabions fence!

09.08.2013 12:22

Gabions in the forest? Why not!

11.07.2013 16:12
Gabions in the forest? Why not! In forests, in mountains, in lowlands - everywhere. Ideal for summer as flood protection. For winter as snow barrier.

To be ready for winter.

26.10.2012 16:43

Before winter is highly recommended to check your fence, especially in places, where you suppose attacks of rabbits. For this purpose we produce special forestry fencing against rabbits. Protect your trees with our rabbit protective fence.